On-line Privacy Policy

iLearners Publishing Limited
Policy and Practices relating to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong SAR
Last updated: 12/04/2011

I. Objectives of this Privacy Policy Statement

This statement sets out the obligations and policies of iLearners Publishing Limited ("ILPL") formulated in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the Ordinance).

Any part of this statement with an asterisk (*) applies to the on-line media only.

II. Personal Data

ILPL holds personal data collected from various types of sources (including on-line media) for the purposes laid out in Part IV below, and ensures that the aforementioned personal data will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance

A. Types of personal data that may be held by ILPL:

  • Contact details including contact name, address, telephone number, fax number, mobile number, e-mail address
  • Details of school attending/attended including school name, subjects interested in, adoption and purchase record of iLearners publications
  • Details of school employed at including school name, position held, year of service, academic subjects taught
  • Results, records, and accumulative progress from visiting interactive content
  • Occupation, employment position, number of years working experience, education level
  • Suggestions, personal opinions, enquiries
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Internet browser type and version*
  • Personal computer operating system*

B. How personal data is collected by ILPL:

(i) ILPL may collect personal data from visitors to the web site when they:

  • Visit the ILPL websites (www.iLearners.hk, www.iLearners.me, www.glowandgrow.com, www.liberalexchange.org) (including all companion websites, Teaching Resource Centre, and other web pages in the site)*
  • Download application forms, make on-line subscription of particular subject(s)' information from ILPL web site,*
  • Sign up for any individual user accounts or school-based accounts
  • Complete questionnaires or respond to surveys
  • Participate in competition, enroll seminars, promotional events or training courses
  • Email for enquiries

(ii) ILPL may conduct desk research to collect personal data. This source includes personal data and other information posted in World Wide Web, government publication, newspaper, magazine, registered associations' release, and any other information which is released to public.

(iii) ILPL also obtains personal data from all kinds of primary research such as sales visit, personal and telephone interview, focus group discussion and so on.

III. Cookies & Domain Name Server (DNS) Address*

A. ILPL web server may also collect data relating to visitors' online session, the use of which is to provide aggregated, anonymous, statistical information on the server's usage so that ILPL may better meet the demands and expectations of visitors to our sites. This type of data includes:

  • The browser type and version
  • Page visited
  • Frequency and duration of visits
  • Results, records, and accumulative progress from visiting interactive content
  • Operating system, the DNS address and/or domain name

B. Certain ILPL web pages may place a "cookie" on visitors' browser in order to provide personalized services and/or maintain their identity across multiple pages within a single session.

IV. Purpose of Collecting Personal Data

Purposes for which personal data may be used include:

  • sending written notifications in relation to the company's activities, competitions, promotions, and events
  • sending written notifications in relation to the services provided under the website and other related products and services
  • marketing of books, CD-ROMs, cassettes and other related teaching resources
  • conducting customers, products and services surveys, activities and joint-promotions with third parties (please refer to Section V.C)
  • evaluation and further enhancement of the company's products and services
  • processing games, lucky draws and promotional events
  • provision of on-line teaching resources and useful web linkage*

V. Transfer of Personal Data

A. Personal data will be kept confidential but ILPL may provide such information to:

  • its subsidiaries and associated companies, who has undertaken to keep such information confidential, in order to provide information on products, training courses as well as promotional and sales events
  • any person who owes a duty of confidentiality to ILPL who has undertaken to keep such information confidential
  • The school (including teachers and principals) which the account holder attends.
  • The school in which the account holder teaches or works.

B. ILPL does not sell or share personal data to any party unrelated to iLearners Publishing unless disclosure is required under applicable law.

C. Although ILPL may conduct joint-promotional activities of products and services with a third party that is unrelated to iLearners Publishing, no transfer, sharing or disclosure of personal data, in hard or soft copy, to such third party will be made. The third party may only access the personal data of those customers who participate in services or purchases (e.g. competition, lucky draw, coupon or gift voucher) from a specific joint-promotional campaign that requires a direct response from each customer.

VI. Data Access and Correction Requests

A. As a data subject, any individual has the right under the Ordinance:

  • to check whether ILPL holds any personal data, to obtain a copy of that data and to correct any data that is inaccurate. Requests for access to data or correction of data should be in writing and made to:

    iLearners Publishing Limited
    Unit D, 1/F, Tai King Industrial Building,
    No. 100-102 King Fuk Street,
    San Po Kong,
    Hong Kong
    Tel: 852-2564 6833    Fax: 852-2419 9278

  • to ascertain ILPL's policy and practice in relation to such data and to be informed of the type of personal data held by ILPL

B. ILPL will respond to such requests of access or correction within 40 days in compliance with the Ordinance.

C. A reasonable fee may be charged to cover administrative expenses for the access request.

VII. Security Precautions

A. ILPL will use encryption for transmission of sensitive data. While ILPL strives to protect all personal information, ILPL cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to ILPL in any form*.

B. Access to personal data is restricted to those ILPL employees who need to use the data and who have been trained to handle such data properly and to observe confidentiality.

C. Any person who has access to personal data held by ILPL is duty bound under an act of confidentiality to ILPL, which has in turn undertaken to keep such information confidential.

VIII. Protection of Children*

Visitors to the web site who are under the age of 18 must obtain permission from parents or legal guardians before undertaking any of the following activities:

  • sending any individual personal information or any information about others
  • entering any contest, game or lucky draw

IX. Exemption

Nothing stated in this Policy shall limit the rights of any data subject under the Ordinance. However, there are certain exemptions. They include exemptions from subject access and use limitation requirements of the Ordinance where their application is likely to prejudice certain competing public or social interests, such as: security, defense and international relations; prevention or detection of crime; assessment or collection of any tax or duty; news activities; and health.

ILPL reserves the right to change this policy at any time by notifying the parties concerned, through a notice posted on the Homepage, or by e-mail, fax, or mail, of any updates.

Copyright c 2003 iLearners Publishing Limited
All rights reserved.

If you do not wish to receive any promotional material other than that relating to ILPL's products and services, please write to:

iLearners Publishing Limited
Unit D, 1/F, Tai King Industrial Building,
No. 100-102 King Fuk Street,
San Po Kong,
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-2564 6833    Fax: 852-2419 9278

If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English version and Chinese version of this statement, the English version shall prevail.



I. 本私隱政策聲明的制訂目的

本聲明說明新領域出版社有限公司 (以下簡稱「新領域」)根據香港特別行政區《個人資料(私隱)條例》(以下簡稱「條例」)而制訂承擔私隱方面的責任和政策。


II. 個人資料


A. 新領域出版社有限公司可能持有的個人資料種類

  • 資料當事人的個人資料,包括姓名、通訊地址、電話號碼、傳真號碼、電郵地址
  • 資料當事人現時/曾經就讀的學校名稱、感興趣的科目、曾經使用的新領域出版物
  • 資料當事人現時/曾經任職的學校名稱、在校任教的職位、年資和科目
  • 瀏覽互動內容的累積記錄
  • 職業、就業狀況、工作年資、教育水平
  • 建議、個人意見、查詢
  • 興趣與愛好
  • 互聯網瀏覽器類型和版本*
  • 電腦作業系統*

B. 新領域出版社有限公司收集個人資料的方法

(i) 新領域出版社有限公司可能在資料當事人進行以下活動時收集其個人資料:

  • 瀏覽新領域出版社有限公司網站 (www.iLearners.hk, www.iLearners.me, www.glowandgrow.com, www.liberalexchange.org) (包括其他相關的支援網站、教學資源中心及網站中的其他網頁)*
  • 下載申請表格、從新領域網站認購特定科目的資訊
  • 註冊個人或學校的用戶帳戶
  • 完成問卷調查或對調查作出回應
  • 參與比賽、報名參加研討會、展銷活動或培訓課程
  • 電郵查詢

(ii) 新領域出版社有限公司可能透過桌面資料搜集個人資料,此等資料來源包括萬維網上展示之資訊、政府刊物、報章、雜誌、註冊團體所公佈的資料及其他一切公開給公眾查閱的資源。

(iii) 新領域出版社有限公司亦會從各種意見調查中取得第一手個人資料,該類調查計有客戶探訪、個人或電話訪問、小組討論等。

III. “Cookies” 及域名伺服器(DNS)的地址*

A. 新領域網絡伺服器可能會收集瀏覽人士在線時的有關數據,利用這些伺服器使用數據作出累積、匿名的統計,以便更好地滿足新領域網站瀏覽人士的要求和期望。這種類型的數據包括:

  • 瀏覽器類型和版本
  • 曾瀏覽頁面
  • 瀏覽的時間及次數
  • 瀏覽互動內容的累積記錄
  • 作業系統、域名伺服器的地址或域名

B. 某些新領域網頁可能在瀏覽人士的瀏覽器設置 “cookie”,以提供個人化服務及 / 或在同一時段維持他們在多個頁面的身份。

IV. 收集個人資料的目的


  • 以書面通知有關公司的活動,比賽,促銷和事件
  • 以書面通知有關網站的服務及其他相關產品和服務
  • 推銷書籍、光碟、錄音帶和其他與教學有關的資源
  • 進行客戶,產品和服務的調查,活動和與第三方的聯合促銷(請參閱 V.C)
  • 評估和進一步加強新領域出版社有限公司的產品和服務
  • 處理遊戲,幸運抽獎和促銷活動
  • 提供網上教學資源和有用的網絡鏈接*

V. 轉讓個人資料

A. 個人資料將會保密,但新領域出版社有限公司可能提供資料予:

  • 其附屬公司及聯營公司,並已承諾保持該資料保密,以提供信息產品、培訓課程,以及推廣和銷售活動
  • 任何已向新領域出版社有限公司承諾保持該資料保密的人士
  • 用戶就讀的學校(包括教師和校長)
  • 用戶任教的學校

B. 新領域出版社有限公司不會出售或分享個人資料予任何與 新領域無關的人士,除非根據適用法律規定需要披露。

C. 雖然新領域出版社有限公司可能和與新領域無關的第三方進行產品和服務的聯合促銷活動,但不會作出轉讓、共享或披露個人資料(在硬質或軟拷貝) 予第三方。第三方只可以訪問的個人資料,這些客戶服務,誰參加或購買(如競爭,幸運抽獎,禮券或禮品券),從具體的聯合促銷活動,需要從每個客戶的直接回應

VI. 查詢及要求更改個人資料

A. 根據條例規定,每位資料當事人均有權:

  • 查核新領域出版社有限公司是否持有他本人的任何個人資料、獲取有關的資料副本和修改他本人任何不準確的資料記錄。索取或更改資料,
  • 請以書面方式寄往:

    電話:852–2564 6833    傳真:852–2419 9278

  • 查悉新領域出版社有限公司對有關資料採取的政策和實務守則,以及獲新領域出版社有限公司知會所持有的個人資料種類

B. 新領域出版社有限公司將根據條例規定的四十日內,對資料當事人的查詢或對修改資料的要求作出回應。

C. 新領域出版社有限公司於處理索取資料的要求時,或會收取小額費用以彌補有關的行政開支。

VII. 保障預防措施

A. 新領域出版社有限公司會用加密法傳輸敏感的資料。新領域出版社有限公司會盡量對所有個人資料加以保密,但無法確保或保證向新領域出版社有限公司傳輸的任何形式的資料的機密性。*

B. 獲准查閱個人資料的人士只限於需要使用該等個人資料而且在遵守保密規定方面曾接受訓練的新領域出版社有限公司僱員。

C. 任何可查閱新領域出版社有限公司持有的個人資料的人士均對新領域出版社有限公司有保密責任,而新領域出版社有限公司已承諾把個人資料保密。

VIII. 對兒童的保護*


  • 發出任何個人資料或其他人士的任何資料
  • 參加比賽、遊戲或抽獎

IX. 豁免





電話:852–2564 6833    傳真:852–2419 9278